Why do most Ladies have male bestie? 🤔

This is something of serious concern for many guys and I must confess I have faced such and am still facing it right now in my relationship 😢
If her phone rings or a message drops on her Whatsapp and I found out it’s this same guy, her response is always “the guy is my bestie and there’s nothing between us”.
This bestie thing is already making me worried and I feel like ending the relationship already 😡


I have told her this countless number of times “Why can’t you keep a female like yourself as your bestie?” and even threatend I will end the relationship if she does not stop talking to the guy but she ignored all.
Well, before ending the relationship because of this yeye bestie issue, I will like to ask you all 👇

Are You Comfortable With Your Girl Having A Male Bestie?

I really want to read from you all as regards this.
Thank you