It is both amazing and shocking to see photos of celebrities when they were younger and how they now look compared with their younger self. While some still carry a great resemblance to their their throwbacks, there are huge differences in others.

   A throwback photo of popular Nigerian rapper, Abdul-Azeez Eniola popularly called Naira Marley, hit the internet and it has got many people talking.

A Nigerian man identified as Jikan Musa shared the photo on his Twitter page, with the caption, “Abdul-Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley.”

The photo showed a smiling Naira Marley during his walimah ceremony, an important activity in the Islam community. Walimah happens after a student is certified to have mastered the Quran to their required level.

Naira Marley was seen dressed in a white outfit with a green jacket to complement. He was also wearing a wine cap to match. The singer is seen with outstretched arms, which may mean that he is being prayed for.
Reacting to the photo, a young woman identified as Balikis Badmos also shared another throwback photo of Naira Marley during his walimah. Badmos explained that she also did her walimah together with the singer.

The picture showed Badmos and the rapper adorned in the same outfit. They were standing with other students with outstretched arms.