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Am so confused, scared and really bitter with my self.
For the past 22 years of my life have never slept with a lady before.
But it actually happened today.. This lady came to my house at about 11:45, I told her have never had sex before and she never belived me..
She told me to wear my condom so we can get down.. I couldn’t even where the condom.
She wore it for me and we had sex.. I came in less than 10sec.. But I was still hard went to clean up and wore the second condom.. This time I was really trying but I did not enjoy it so I told her I want to pull the condom. She told me no problem..
Due to the excitement.. I removed the Condom and continue.
For like 10 minute before cumming.. But my biggest fear now is.. I don’t know if I have contacted any sexual transmitted diseases am really scared now.
And am cursing my self for making that foolish mistake.
I sat her down and asked her if she has any disease she should please tell me but she says she dosent have any that she loves me so much..
But she open up to me that she has like 3 guys that she sleeps with.
But she has never slept with them without condom.
Please I don’t know what to do guys, someone should help me out.
Am so sorry for written such a long epistle
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