Hello Guys,
Let’s have a heart-to-heart discussion.
We all have been in one, two or more relationships with different partners over time and their attitudes differ.
Judging from your experiences with your different female partners, we want to ask a simple question and we need your candid response so we all can learn from this post.
From my own point of view
98% of the Ladies out now do not have anything to offer their Partner other than Sex and nothing more.
Gone are those days when a Man and a Woman rub minds together on how to secure the future for their unborn child(ren).
Now, they just want to flex and push their Boo to live a Lavish life without investing for the future and when the money stop coming, they easily jump at the next available rich guy.
From your own experience 👇

What Do Women Have To Offer In A Relationship Apart From Sex?

Drop your comments, let’s talk.