Relationships these days can be funny at times sha “🤣😁😅😁🤣”

Unimaginable things happen for random reasons and one of the very few things that makes a relationship strong and perfect as we want it is by understanding ourselves and knowing that things happen for a reason. (perhaps not one of these)
Imagine you told your partner you had a business proposal you want to go and defend on a weekend.
You come back and feeling like a sharp guy cause you felt you had deleted all your implicating tracks and chats. while your partner was doing something with your phone, a Whatsapp chat comes in.
See a screenshot of the chat below:-


Crazy right? Now imagine what that might have caused.
So Guys, the question here is 👇

If This Happens To You, How Would You Defend Yourself As A Sharp Guy?

Lets have your say on this
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