Sex is definitely a games no one ever wants to stop playing. Both old and young always love to explore sexually when they have the chance.
Earlier today, I was asked for a round of sex by a random girl on social media (Obviously not my first time tho). this is the only girl that have ever said it straight to me like (Can you fuck me? I just want to have a taste of you)
I was shocked to my bone knowing fully well how beautiful the girl is but I’ve been left stranded in my replies afterwards.
Have you ever wondered how many ladies our favorite celebrities would be turning down on a daily basis? If theirs is not weighing them down or bothering them, how much should mine bother me this much?
Since I”m aware of how guys ask girls for sex alone, However I’m yet to get over the shock yet, I have decided to share my ordeal with you guys to know how I can handle mine
So Guys, let me throw the question out to you guys, 👇
Have You Ever Turned Down A Sex Advance From A Random Girl?