Mondays can be boring sometimes but to those who choose to make it boring.
This life is too short to be boring, therefore we have to make some fun. That’s why we always ensure we make the best out of every minute that passes by.
I have seen so many things both on the street and social media, but I can’t just let go of this famous lemon native Balenciaga Dress prank that rocked the internet over the weekend 😂😂.
Me and my guys Were having a gist on the state that rock the awkward dress trends the most and you can’t believe they keep saying Ilorin, Abeokuta & Ekiti.
But I can’t accept that, cause I come from one of those states 🙈🙈🙈.
So I have decided to share with you all, so we can brighten our day a little with this.
So guys, back to the question 👇

Which State Rocks Balanciaga Dress Trend The Most?

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