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Guy, so I allow you stay my hostel, to prepare for your exam, na so you go rush dey fück my babe? 😩 Came the voice of the angry boyfriend. (I don fuck up mehn!) 😑 After he said this he rushed outside.
His girlfriend told me to run immediately that the guy is a cultist and he is going to call his cult guys. She didn’t need to tell me twice. I wore only my trouser and slip-on, took my shirt and disappeared.
I was just thanking my stars that I and his babe had finished the business before he came in. Imagine he caught us when I was yet to release? Lie lie I must make sure I finish my food if em like make him kill me πŸ˜‚
But now I just had to find a place to stay and write my exam. Gift! Ah! Gift. I will call her and tell her that I am stranded. That, that my friend I was supposed to stay in his hostel, Was no where to be found and his number has been switched and he didn’t give me any address. I called her, she picked. I told her my lie and she bought it. She sent me her address that I should come over and she doesn’t stay with her parents. I started dancing Alanta πŸ˜ƒ in the road; “The lord has done it for me again” I arranged myself and entered bike. The address was far from the school but not too far. I had to enter bike two times.
I got to the place and knocked, she opened, smiling! Hey! Handsome she said and hugged me. God, she is very beautiful. When she hugged me I felt her full breast pressing onto my chest. You looked stressed, sorry about today you poor thing!
How can your friend bring you to Port Harcourt and abandon you? She asked with a concerned look on her face. Where did this girl come from?She must be an angel.
Well it is very terrible I joined, his number has been switched off. If I knew I would have come with enough money so I can lodge in a hotel and I won’t have to bother you, I really have no one else. Oh don’t worry sweet, you are a responsible guy. She said, I was smiling in my mind, you never know me 😩😩 Me na bad guy oo.
She showed me their family album. Her father had a bald head and a SAN based in Abuja. Their mother travelled to “omugwo” for their only and elder brother’s baby. It was just she and her junior sister. I asked about her junior sister she told me she is in SS2 but she went outside to get something and will be back soon.
I was at the parlour while she went to prepare food. Very good girl. Her junior sister walked in, the both were so beautiful. The junior sister was on a low afro cut, like she was till in secondary school. Her eyes were curved, cat-like and like her sister, she was an ebony goddess 😍😍
The only difference was her elder sister was bustier and had a fuller breast. “Hello” I said, “Hi” she replied, puzzled. Oh, I am your sister’s friend, she invited me over. “Oh ok…you mean her boyfriend? She asked giving me an inviting look…” Well, no we’re just friends I replied. She smiled and went into her room adjacent the kitchen. Her voice was soft, her accent was like all this British American slay queens, Wow!!!
I imagined how she would moan when you give it to her in a nice angle 😎 Gift came out, I complimented, that the both look alike and were very beautiful. She smiled and we ate the rice together.
Later she showed me my room and I went in to prepare for my exams, I didn’t know when sleep carried me off.
I woke up to someone knocking gently on my door room, I smiled. My Gift has arrived, show-time. I opened the door and it was her junior sister. I was surprised. She pushed me in and unto the bed (no time).”
I want you to fΓΌck me” she said. (This girl na bad girl oo.) My pleasure I said. (If person give you food, you go reject am? Am I mad?)
At a point, I thought this was a trap, that her sister had sent her to test me, but she was already unzipping my trouser. She brought out my d!ck that was already hard, she smacked her lips and used her tongue first to wrap around it. Damn! She was teasing me.
Then immediately she swallowed it and was sucking it like if she stopped she would die, she was sucking it like my di3k was vitamin C. Her mouth was warm, I ran fingers into her head to push her head down, so she could suck it whole, she was choking on it slightly.
She got up and said “I want to ride you”. (This girl does not cease to amaze me, her boldness is unbelievable). She pulled down her skirt, turned and climbed on-top my dick reverse cowgirl style. (See the best fΓΌcking style is reverse cowgirl, you get to watch your girl’s ass vibrating and how your d!ck glides in and out of her vΓ‘ginΓ‘).
She was moaning and twerking on my d!ck. She would take me in deeper, twist to the sides and draw a circle with her waist while I was inside her. And then she would let go slowly, making sure I enjoyed what I saw, (the girl na correct bad girl I swear) her pu$$y was tight and creamy
Then we heard a knock on the door, it was her elder sister, Gift 😳😳
I’m fucked! Where will I go and sleep this night? 😩😩😩😩
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