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Your sister is at the door! I whispered, but she kept on throwing back her ass, grinding my di3k real good. Her puccy lathered my dick, like soap.
She held her breasts and sucked on of her nipples and was moaning, “don’t stop fu*king me, your d!*k is so good” (hia eh! abeg na your elder sister invite me come here and na she fit chase me out I say to myself).
Immediately, I used my right hand and covered her mouth and then threw her to the bed, I reasoned with her; “See it is dark, just go under the bed, let me at least find out what she wants ”.
Well she wants your dick, that’s it” Her junior sister said cutting me off. She didn’t even care if we got caught. Alright just hide, just hide. She took one of the pillows and got down. (Oluwa, thank you sir!) I put on my boxers and tucked my very hard di3k in between my laps. (I cannot allow my village me to disgrace me).
I got to the door and opened it slightly. Holy shit! She wore a pink see-through night gown. Her big breasts were showing from the sides and her nipples were so pointy it was hard to overlook.
“Hey wassup” I said?
Mm…mm, m so sorry to disturb you, I just couldn’t sleep and I feel scared. You know you are the only man in the house…
Bitch!” her junior sister coughed from inside the room (Hey God! This girl must have been sent by my village people).
What was that? Gift asked. That was my phone, my alert tune is “Bitch”.
Hmm? Her face squeezed, so you use “bitch” For an alert tune?” She didn’t believe me. I had to cook up something fast. Yeah is only for my Ex. She keeps disturbing me even after I caught her sleeping with my best friend (I lied, if anyone slept with anybody’s friend that would be..ME)
“Oh sorry to hear that, dear”
Thanks and don’t worry you can go back to bed, nothing will happen, am here. I said trying to get her to “turn back” she sensed it – my rejection. But she didn’t know all I wanted was to rip her gown off, take 30mins to suck each of her breast and slide my dick in between them, till I spilled on her chest.
If only she knew my plans for breasts 😂😂 But I have an unfinished business with her sis, and I don’t think the both get along. “Oh… ok, alright sleep tight then, she said and apologized for disturbing my sleep. I gave her a weak smile. She turned.
I watched as the night gown was lifted up by the jiggling motion of her ass. I swallowed hard. I wish I could f*ck the both of them together 😂😂
I closed the door and turned and the junior sister was right in my face and pointing at my hard on – which I got while looking at her elder sister; Gift.
You like her don’t you? She asked, I sensed a bit of jealousy.
I was already high now, I just wanted to fuck her good. I pushed her down by her hair and she understanding what I wanted pulled down my boxers, my di3k sprinted on top her face, hard and ready, she smiled and took my dick inside her mouth.
Next thing I know, she was slurping and sucking it…fuck! She was squeezing my balls gently and made sure my dick scratched the walls of her throat. If I had let her continued she would have, had to swallow my cum – I was close to the edge.
I got her up and pushed her to the bed, her puccy was neat and clean. I wanted to repay the favour. I took my tongue and flicked the sides and slowly with the tip of my tongue I teased her clit. Her legs and stomachs tightened.
I knew I had gotten her where I wanted; all wet and ready to fall off from the edge. I got up, stroked my di3k as she watched and before I inserted, I kissed her deeply, making sure my tongue found its way around her mouth
“If you keep teasing me I wi..l..l die….and just then I inserted my dick inside her..
“O..h…mmhh..” She was moaning so well. I began thrusting, deep, hard and short strokes. For every thrust, I felt her shiver like an electric current was passing through her. Then I increased paced and I knew that both of us were coming off soon.
Oh, f*ck keep going …d…o..n.t stop..ahahaha mmh”. F*ck! She came so strong and was shaking, her puccy gripped me as my hot my seeds filled her up and it didn’t let go. We stayed like 5mins before her pussy loosened its grip on me.
F*ck! I shouted, we didn’t use any condom. She smiled and kissed me and said is sweeter this way and that I shouldn’t worry, she knew the drug she would take. And she was keen on getting pregnant. I said ok.
Mehn na this kind babe they sweet, no be those ones even before you fuck them, the go tell you say you don give them belle. Nonsense and nansense. But wait…shebi I get exam tomorrow? I don fail be that 😩😩😩
I was about to…………..
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