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It all started when I travelled to Port Harcourt state to write my post-utme. My name Is Ikenna Osuchukwu, I am a playboy and a fuckaholic. I am from Imo state.
I had left my house at the wee hours of 6am to catch an early morning bus to Port Harcourt state – Port Harcourt University was my second choice institution, I was going to write the post-utme.
The bus was almost full. I prayed seriously that the person I would seat next to would be a beauty, an Angel. I paid my ticket and sat close to the window. Soon after the atmosphere in the bus changed; a strong chewing-gum like perfume walked in, announcing an angel – a chocolate angel. I was happy and uttered this in my mind “Finally, I made it in Life“.
God please whatever I have done to you, just don’t let this food pass me by, I prayed. Guess what? She came right to my corner and sat down. I smiled heavily and she caught me smiling and smiled too. “Hey! I am Ikenna, you? I asked, extending my hand, biting down my pink lips. (Girls love fair guys and I am just the perfect pick).
I am Gift, she replied. “Wow, nice name. Before you came in I was praying to God to send me someone as beautiful as you. But you are more than I hoped for” I smiled, giving her my charming face. She smiled and blushed a bit. And the journey began. We talked and talked. She told me she’s based in Port Harcourt and was heading home.
I told her, I was going to Port Harcourt to seat for the Post-UTME exam. We got tired of talking, she slept off and her head lay on my shoulder, I noticed her shirt buckle loosen, the smooth, bottle-like top of her breast was showing, damn! It was fresh and rich in milk.
A guy sitting at my back was straining his neck to get a peep. I don’t know, I just buckled her shirt for her and she woke up while I was doing so and pecked me on the cheeks. The guy in front, I swear wanted to beat the hell out of me. I just look him face and said inside me “Ogun Kill you there“. You won blow my Job ??
When we got to Port Harcourt. We exchanged number and promised to call.
I got to my guys hostel around 1pm, the exam tomorrow was by 8am, So I still had a lot of time to study. I knocked, I heard no answer and I knocked again, harder this time. I heard movements. Then he opened his door and he looked rough, I guess he was having a good time with his babe. I entered, damn! The chick was on fire, she was on her bra and bum-short and one of her nipples peeped out, she caught my eyes and pushed it in.
Guy this place far o! Hunger don flog me better koboko, I told my guy. “Lols na so na, Jambito! He called, See your eye don red, if person come here now, them go talk say I don beat you. But no worry, I wan go bank now, I need to take care of one or two things at the Bank.
Irene, shey that soup remain? He asked his babe, she nodded. Ok, warm am give my friend make him chop. This book wey em wan read nothing go enter unless em chop. I laughed not because of what he said, but because of what I heard “Irene warm your soup – pussy and give him” After all there’s love in sharing ? (For him mind na Soup, for mine na Puccy).
As my guy entered the bathroom to bathe and dress. Irene brought out her nipple and began sucking it. My eyes widened, she sucked it and was making small small sounds, sliding one of her hand down her shorts and began robbing her puccy. She looked at me in need biting down her lips. My dick was already hard like Kondo Olopa(Police wood).
She pulled the bed-shit over her when her boyfriend came out, he dressed up, kissed her and left. (Guys, never leave your horny girlfriend alone. She will fuck anything and anyone she see. Even if na your Grandpapa dey around). Una hear??
She pulled off the bed sheet, got up, turned her back and slowly pulled down her shorts. The way her ass came out, I haven’t forgotten the picture even now, she knew what she was doing as she unwrapped her ass like a Christmas present. The ass was majestic. I didn’t even wait for invitation, I pounced on her, while she was still standing, I pushed her to the wall, so she faced the wall and gave me her buttocks to eat.
I brought out my Machine gun (D!ck) No wasting of time and inserted it inside her from back, slowly she gasped and said “Your di3k is big”. You like it? I replied. Nacking her, pining her to the wall, her ass clapping back on my di3k, one hand in front, grabbing her boob that was pressed against the wall. She was moaning and whispering; don’t stop fu3king me, keep giving it to me baby. I love the way you do it”.
She turned, knelt down and took my di3k in her mouth. Damn! Am in heaven, I could feel my dick go deep in her throat, spit drooling from her mouth down the bed. In my mind I was shouting; “Damn! Fear Port Harcourt girls” they know how to suck. She was sucking me dry and fast, I felt like bursting.
I removed her hands and told her to just open her mouth, I pushed my machine gun deep inside her mouth. She was making noise like some choking and sometimes like someone eating draw-soup. I felt a drop of sperm coming out from my di3k, she licked it up immediately and smiled.
Next, she lay on her back and took my di3k and guided it back into her puccy. Blood of jherubabel! (Nothing sweet pass puccy wey don wet wella). She was damn wet, too wet. My di3k was well moistened inside her, I pushed her laps apart and began fu*king her, I thrust deep inside. She was moaning, her hands wrapped around my neck.
“Fu*k me harder baby, fu*k me, tear my puccy” I was making her go crazy. I took one of my hand and began robbing her clit and at the same time fu*king her. I could feel her vagina walls grabbing my di3k tighter, I knew she was about to cum, she wrapped her two legs around my waist and locked me down.
“Yes, don’t stop baby, I am about to cum… yeah…! Yeah…ohh! uhmm, her hot cream, splashed around and on my d!ck, it made me release immediately and I cummed inside of her ??
Mehn, I was done! I was breating maddly like an Antelope that miracoulosy escaped from a Lion chase. A huge fu*king load I just dropped from my head, smiling and feeling cool and just then the main door pushed open.
Baby I forgot my ATM! What the fuck is going on here? ??? Her boyfriend barked…………………
The END!!!!
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