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“So are we doing this or not?”. Tumi said as she shook her head and dropped the bottle of grey goose on the table right next to the bed. Then she stood before Jack who was just as drunk, her back was turned to Ibrahim who was still fighting as hard as he could to hold on to his sanity.

“Babe, I am ready if you are”. Jack replied her.

“Good boy”. she leaned forward and kissed him making sure her tongue explored every corner of his mouth in the process. He tasted just like the bourbon he had been drinking all night and she loved that. She wanted so much more and wrapped her hands around his head to get as much as she could.

All Ibahim could see was the amazing ass right in front of him. Her dress had made a short jump up her body as she bent over leaving him with a perfect view of her black colored thong. He had thought it was all a joke when Tumi had told them she would loved to fuck he and Jack at a go. Jack had quickly gotten them out of the club and into his car. Ten minutes later, he had gotten them a room and now it was really about to happen. Ibrahim shook his head and tried to think straight, fine they had all been good friends from the University days and shared several escapades but this was a whole new level. Jack was not thinking straight obviously, he fucked anything and everything that walked in skirt. How he had not managed to fuck Tumi all these years was still one of earth’s greatest mysteries but here was the shot and he was taking it. Ibrahim looked Tumi’s ass over again and knew he would be a fool not to take his shot too. He reached for the bottle Tumi had dropped and picked it. Perhaps if he was as drunk as they were, things would go smoothly. He took two quick gulps and dropped the bottle as the vodka burned down his throat. Closing his eyes and shaking his head, he decided to go with the flow. Opening his eyes,he grabbed his chair and moved closer to the action till his face was right between Tumi’s ass cheeks. He rubbed his nose against her panties and could feel her wetness. He stuck two fingers out and pulled her thong to the side. Tumi urged him on by reaching backwards and placing a hand on his head. She was still kissing Jack who by now had managed to rip open the front of her dress and was fondling her small breasts with his fingers running numbers on her large nipples. Her nipples always got more attention than any part of her body, they made up for her small sized breasts. And right now Jack’s fingers were doing all sorts of magic tricks on them. Ibrahim’s tongue sliding into her pussy made her jerk forward and let her other hand free of Jack’s neck. She reached for the bed as fast as she could and help on tight as Ibrahim assaulted her pussy with his mouth while she continued her own relationship with Jack’s mouth.

Ibrahim could finally feel his dick rising to the occasion. Finally, the night was about to be his. He pulled his tongue out of Tumi’s pussy and resorted to giving her deep kisses with his hands running up and down her firm thighs. He made sure his hands made regular stops on her ass and he got to spank he on each stop. He noticed Tumi raising her head up, finally breaking off her kiss with Jack. She was moaning softly now and this got to Ibrahim who immediately snuck his tongue right back up her pussy. Her head roamed through his head urging him on.

Jack was not about to miss out on the action, he quickly pulled his dick out of his jeans. Hard as he could ever be, the alcohol running through his veins had him really on head.Noticing Tumi’s eyes were now closed , he started stroking his dick slowly. Not wanting to waste the moment. He just kept staring at Tumi’s fuck face and wondered if it was the same face she would have on when he started fucking her.

Tumi’s opened her eyes to see Jack’s dick right in front of her with some pre cum dripping down the side. It was not as large as she would have loved it to be but still She did not need to be told what to do. She let go of the bed and Ibrahim’s head and came to rest her hands on Jack’s thighs. She kissed on his cap and made sure to lick his pre cum off as she did so. Then she went all in, taking all of his dick in her mouth at once having Jack groan out as loud as he could. She shook her head with his dick still buried in her mouth, making saliva run down the side of her mouth. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently. Jack was the one gripping the bed sheets now, torn between pushing Tumi’s mouth off his dick and screaming out for help. But he knew he had to man up so he stuck to groaning but he was still pretty loud enough.

Ibrahim heard Jack groaning and knew Tumi was already working him up with her mouth. He got his own mouth away from her pussy and stood up, replacing his tongue in her pussy with two off his fingers digging in as deep as they could. He hurriedly got his free hand untying the ropes of his sokoto and in now time his dick sprung out with veins popping all by the side. He kept on finger fucking Tumi as fast as he could because he knew she had to be wet enough to him. His dick was a good 9inches long and thick, he knew how much damage he could do but she had not idea.

Tumi had moved to running her mouth up and down Jack’s dick putting him high above the clouds. She was loving Ibrahim’s finger fucking her, it was so soothing in a way she could not explain. Then he stopped and she knew what was coming but what she could not fathom was what hit her pussy next. His dick cap alone stretched her pussy out and before she could get her mouth off Jack’s dick and run off from him, he slammed his whole length into her causing her to scream out loud as Jack’s dick fell out of her mouth. Ibrahim held onto her hips and proceeded to pull his dick out slowly. Tumi’s legs were shaking beneath her and it was a wonder she was still standing. She screamed as Ibrahim slammed his dick once again into her and on cue Jack shut her up with his dick in her mouth. As if on cue, both men gradually built up a rhythm fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time. It was all too much for her to bear and with with a few more thrusts into her pussy by Ibrahim, her orgasm trickled out dripping by the side of his dick sending a tickling sensation down her body. Her teeth slightly grazed the side of Jack’s dick that he was forced to pull out of her mouth. With that out of the way, her head fell to the bed. Ibrahim did not stop even as he now had to grip Tumi’s hips tighter to keep her standing. Now that her pussy had gotten used to the size of his dick, he picked up the pace and this time there was just muffled sound with her face buried in the bed sheets. And then there was Jack who just sat there jerking off as fast as he could.

Tumi did not know how much more she could take and she mustered some strength to raise her head off the bed.

“P-ple-p-pleease”. she moaned.

“Please what?”. It was Jack who groaned out a question.

“PPPleaaaase f–uck. Don’t stop”. her moans were loud this time and they got Jack over the edge. He moved his dick closer to her and came all over her face, groaning out his release. With cum running down her face, Tumi proceeded to suck his dick dry, working her mouth on him as good as she could while his dick started shrinking.

Ibrahim could feel his own dick about to erupt so he pulled out of her and started jerking off with one hand still holding her in place. In a few seconds, he was also groaning as his dick shot sperm all over her ass but unlike Jack, his dick did not shrink even after it had finished spilling. He stayed a few seconds more then he let go of her hip and Tumi thankfully fell on the bed. He got off the rest of his clothing and proceeded to the bathroom. Tumi stared up at the ceiling while trying to gather her thoughts, Jack fell right beside her breathing heavily. So it was true what they said about Hausa guys and monsters dicks, she thought to herself. She knew she could get addicted to Ibrahim’s dick. 
Ibrahim stayed under the shower and let the water run down his body while he stayed down at his dick which was fully erect. He loved the way Tumi’s pussy had handled his dick like no one. Now he had to ask himself why they had not fucked all these years. It did not matter, this night he and Jack were going to make up for those years. He turned the shower off and did not bother towel drying, he walked back into the room with his erect dick leading the way. There was Jack already sleeping while Tumi was lying on her side with her ass towards him while she stared at the ceiling.

He smiled to himself as he walked towards her.


The End!!!
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